Cobb House

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220 Grand Avenue, Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, California, 90037

Phone : BU649

An ageing, Eastlake style Victorian mansion near the corner of Grand and 2nd street, this house is elevated from the street. A descending stone wall on 2nd is covered in California wild grapes. In the back of the house one can find an overgrown garden and a converted carriage house turned into a garage and a workshop.

Owner : Mam Cass, a widower in her late forties. She inherited the house from her late husband and has made running it her life. She is renowned in the house and neighbourhood for her calm manner and wisdom. People come to her for advice and because she has a strange gift : she can always find lost things…

The ground floor is a shared kitchen, living room dining room and Mam Cass’s room.

Tenants :

• Kano Eriko and her grandfather Kano Hiroji. They live in one of the the attic rooms and are very shy and almost never talk to anybody. Miss Kano is sometimes seen in the garden, tending the flowers.
• Samuel Russell, also known as “red Sam”, an unpopular tenant who was kicked out of the army because of his affiliation with the Communist Political Association and his involvement in union disputes.
• The Montoya family. A large Mexican family sharing 2 rooms. Ernesto and Maria and their children Angelo (18), Graciela (15), Emilio (11), Jorge(11), Juana (7). They are loud, friendly and hard-working.
• Starlet U., a rotating group of young women, from 2 to 5, who share the cost of a room to try and make it in Hollywood. However, dingy Bunker Hill is all they can afford. Some make it and leave, some fall prey to the dangers of Los Angeles. Ernestine has been a resident the longest, lasting 3 years. The other girls call her headmistress

Cobb House

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