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The game is set in Los Angeles, specifically the neighbourhood of Bunker hill. The rich and famous once dwelt here, but in 1947, the fading Victorian mansions have been turned into rooming houses and its bars and nightclubs cater to the lonely and lost, lured to L.A. with promises of a career in Hollywood. You might occasionally leave the city, but the bulk of the campaign will be regional.

The year is 1947. We’ll do the occasional “a few weeks pass” between “series runs”. You might want to think about your character’s day-jobs and dreams (of course, this being a Noir campaign, those dreams might get dashed ;)

The party will be assuming the role of the defenders of Bunker Hill (and eventually L.A.). We’ll be using the Marvel universe. Right now, very few superheroes are active in the world (mostly ex Invaders and WWII heroes), and are rarely called that by the population (more often the terms “masks” or “marvels” are used.) There are no known super-beings active in L.A., and will start the campaign at the very start of the party’s activities as crime-fighters. Because of this early setting, an encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel characters is not required, but you might meet certain famous (or infamous) people as things go along.


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