Stacey Robinson

A young and aspiring magician intent of seeing her social responsibility paid.


She dresses elegantly, but typically in faux-long skirts (pants with big legs) and top hats, white tuxedo fronts showing her shape, and a red lined black cape.

When she steps out as a mystery man, she wears all black under the black and red cloak, large red domino mask, and a small top hat.

She has a small trunk of show-clothes, and makes good use of makeup and wigs.


She has worked in LA for most of her life, except for when she went over to Europe and Asia to do the Camp Shows (as part of Armed Forces entertainment). Now she tries to do a few night-club acts back in LA. She can dance and sing, but her slight-of-hand/magic act is what pays the bills, barely. Her stage act is a mix of illusion, slight of hand, a bit of glam and flash-powder. She doesn’t do big daring-do tricks — mostly because she’d not good enough yet.

She lives Cobb House because the owner doesn’t complain about the foul smells (mixing concoctions in the kitchen), occasional burn marks (some acts go bad), and the occasional strange contraptions she keeps in the shed. The boarding house also allows pets, which is good as she’s got two canaries (in her room) and three (white) rabbits (kept out back). She stays in Starlet University, and has only a small trunk of show clothes and a few contraptions of her own making.

She would love to learn more about magic, but other than her uncle and a few chances to learn in Europe and Asia, she’s had few teachers.

Stacey Robinson

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